“When you think about what you have achieved in life, one fact is illuminated: You and your wealth can do enormous amounts of good for many, many people – not just yourself and your family, but your community, even the world at large. In the end, you have a responsibility to make smart decisions about your wealth so that it can do as much good as possible. You owe it to yourself and to the people and organization you care about most to work with an independent Optimal Wealth Advisor, like us, who can help you do the job right.”


Optimal Wealth Advisor is the Health Coach division of Blonskij Financial Services, Inc., a leading independent financial services firm established in 2003, and headquartered in Fair Oaks, California.

Founded by Joyce Blonskij, who for the past four decades is recognized as a leader in the financial services field, and author of the International Best Seller: OWN THE CLOUDS, The first guide to investing in cloud computing companies.

Our unique focus is providing Take Shape For Life Health Coaches across the country,  financial services, diversified investment management, and  opportunities to help create and enhance optimal wealth that can last a lifetime.